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Jan 27, 2010
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Addicted to Softballfans, from Florida

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Jan 18, 2019 at 3:33 PM
    1. flballer
      Would you consider trading your Connell for a brand new out of wrapper Louisville Slugger Super Z, 27 oz. endload? I am local to South Florida area as well, so no shipping costs involved if we could meet up to trade.
    2. pfitz21
      still available
    3. shortstop17
      I have a 26oz freak platinum with about 125 swings and $30 for the melon?
    4. HunglowJoe909
      Would you take $125 for the 30 if it’s still available? Or 26oz balanced Omega 250 hits G.C. Lmk. Thanks
      1. Biglny33
        No I would not but it's sold already.
        Dec 8, 2017
    5. JAstrong0117
      I'm am in NC
    6. JAstrong0117
      what bats do you have currently for sale? just bought the freak 30 in a 26oz so my wife and I can both swing it but Im looking for something endloaded 27oz that with be a great gamer and HOT I heard good things about newbreed and also worth est xl endload. Any suggestions?
      1. Biglny33
        you keep responding here not sure do you know how to get to your private conversations. I have sent you messages there Thats where we should be conversing and not here. Pleasse ciick on my name and hit start conversation. I sold the NewBreed but yes the EST XXL is a hot bat as well
        Sep 10, 2017
    7. JAstrong0117
      What did u think of 27oz NewBreed? Does it have an endload feel?
      1. Biglny33
        I have only swing it a couple times but it is a nice swinging bat. Endload does not feel crazy.
        Sep 9, 2017
    8. Yatzeelogoz
      I have 13 & 14 in all black..
    9. nissben
      nice! i played for a different team last season. came in first during the season but lost in the finals. that team was called Argus insurance. i believe we will be playing tues and wed this nxt season, but i dunno what our team name will be for wed. maybe we'll see each other on the. congrats bro. later.
    10. nissben
      whats up Big L! howd you guys do this season? in the playoffs?
    11. reid13
      GTG board bro here. Very concerned seller. Kept in contact until package was delivered. Thanks again
    12. strikezone1
      sold a bat to this guy and he made quick payment. he is G2G!
    13. PSN15
      GTG board bro here guys! Bought a Syn2 and deal was smooth.
    14. SMFCLAN
      Biglny33 is GTG


      This is a new guy to the board but a welcome board brother. Talked to Lance on the phone about a super rare hard to find stick he was selling and worked out a deal to get it done. Really great guy to deal with and goes out of his way to make it right. Straight forward guy so dont be hesitate to deal with him. Oh by the way the bat was a 28 oz Fp rip it elite. Thanx again Lance.
    15. nissben
      never thought about leaving some GTGfeedback here too...good idea. anyways, gtg bro here for sure. dont hesistate to deal with him
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    26 oz. Legit - Resmondo (OG)
    26 oz. Legit - Resmondo (2016) NIW
    26 ox. Combat Avarice (kinda hot)
    26.5 oz. Mutant Legit HD ASA Jeff Hall
    27 oz. Demarini Creature
    28 oz. Nike (Aluminum Son)
    25.5 oz. Jeff Hall Legit (NIW)

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