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Da Lead Moose33

"We got the goodZ", from Living in Da Cloud

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Dec 2, 2015
    1. E-Man
      I saw some of your handy work at the fields I play at. Nice lookin shirts and hats. As soon as we get our (team) **** together I would like to place an order.
    2. Got2bwill
      Matty I sent you an email for the new order and still no replacement jersey
    3. Got2bwill
      Matty I still have not receaved those replacment jersey.
      I have about 10-15 more orders for the Cable dawg Jerseys let me know when you ready for the order to be placed
    4. weownthegame
      Matty you OK? Been trying to contact you for 2 weeks dude, Hope everything is o.k. if it is at least return my pm or email!!
    5. Got2bwill
      Matty looks like I will have to put in an order soon. I posted the finished jerseys on the cable dawg form and now the orders are flowing in. You and wicked did a good job one of my friends is going to hit you up as soon as toad is done with his mark up. Thanks again

    6. Craig 24
      Craig 24
      hey man i wanted to place an order for two custom shirts and two custom hats , my nickname is hollywood and i live in nj , i was thinking black and white and white and black for colors with silver somewhere maybe in them , instead of a ny like the yankees was think of an nj for nj some starts to go along with the whole hollywood thing , these are just some ideas i had i have sceen alot of your work and think its great how can we get this started for two jerseys and two hats ???
    7. ck1
      Matt, I need an update on these hats by end of the day today Tuesday, 5/17. You never followed up with me last Thursday. We placed the order 3 wks ago and for stock hats it wasn't supposed to take this long.
    8. ck1
      Can you give me an update on the hat order?
    9. Got2bwill
      Oh I forgot I got a big order comming your way about 40+ in mid May
      Can you handel it or you swamped.
    10. Got2bwill
      Can you give me an update on the Cable Dawg order
    11. BIG BLUE
      BIG BLUE
      I just put in a order for the Wounded Warrior Jerseys, and I messed up with the info part on Paypal. But I sent a email to Wicked Sports and to the email in the paypal account with the info. Is everythinggood to go?
    12. basehicksball
      Any chance vendettas jersey be here tomorrow
    13. Mikeisaddicted
      Hey hit me back. Need those shirts asap. Paypal ready
    14. btownfool
      Hey Matty, i tried to get ahold of you yesterday. I need to place an order for some of your microfiber jerseys
    15. 49er
      I saw on the Wounded Warrior Project thread you said if it is sent "goods" there is an automated shipment update. Where is that on paypal, and have they been shipped yet? Thanks!
    16. Bell44
      How much can you do grey semi-dyes with black side panels and a hat for?
    17. jowee760
      hey bro check your email i sent ya let me know wutsup. also sorry forgot to ask about how long do you think it will take to make the shirts
    18. bradjc7
      Check your email bro
    19. Dnice2
      Looking for a logo for my new team called "Hood Sports". Any help would be appreciated. Let me know the cost as well. Email me at db1970db@gmail.com
    20. Chad
      hey I saw on a thread in the logo section that you knew how to change the colors on a logo? I was just seeing if it wasn't a huge pain in the ass if you could change a logo for me, all I need is the white made into a hot pink. I use this team name as a Men's team, and we are also using it in Coed and changing the colors. If you can't do it its no big deal, I just wanted to see. Thanks.
    21. DavisSinclair21
      Matty...I was wondering if you were able to help me out....I need 48 blank Nike hats...There will be four different style hats. I will have all the details on exactly what I need if you are able to get Nike hats. I work for a company and we are not able to sell Nike stuff exclusive. We can sell some Nike stuff but we cannot be a Nike rep company because there is another company that has cornered the Nike market in our area and apparently Nike will only let them sell exclusive items. We jumped through all the hoops and went the right route to talk with Nike the company and they advised us that the market in our area does not warrant another company selling their product at this time, which makes no sense to me but it is what it is. So I am looking for another way to get these hats and was told to talk with you and you can help or send me in the right direction. Thank you for your time sir.
      Curtis Duchiane
    22. nativecrusher45
      youth boys hoops team g
    23. nativecrusher45
      How much per shirt G....team name logo from....last name on back...lmk...gotta few matching quotes here
    24. nunya10
      Matty, i would like to know the toddler sizes. I have a 6 month old girl. Could you make me a kolohe warrior one. Could you aslo print the back with the number. Please give me a price. Thanks
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