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Aug 18, 2017
    1. upperdeckard
      I got a new phone and number don't have your number mine is .529 0644
    2. upperdeckard
      Hey josh its deck do you remember that Orange stealth scn9 that was cracked and I gave to you to get somethin out of it for me? Will maybe u forgot... but can u do me a favor I have 2 eastons I want to sell can u sell em for me on sbf because your more respected on here than me . I'll pay for shipping and everything just need you to sell em on hear for me? Thanks deck
    3. Rega17
      Hey I can't get PM's to work on my phone but shoot me one, I got a question about the CXN's you posted in the easton forum
    4. aquaschrader69
      any chance you will take a nice looking freak 98 28 ounce plus some cash?
    5. HITTS
      Come play in the Combatants West Coast Tourney 10-2-2010. See post in COMbat thread.
    6. plague_user
      this guy is very solid any i would make deals with him anytime... your GTG bro...
    7. Whaleypa4
      Hello Daddy Day Care, do you remember me, Whaleypa4?, i bought a bat off of you a while ago(by the way, it hits great) just wondering, do you know of anyone trying to get rid of a Easton Stealth SCN9 28oz. I see you know a lot people on here and im having trouble finding one, i would appriciate it. Thanks1
    8. upper-deck
      Hey buddy it was to get out there and hit today with you. unfortunately when i got home i cleaned off my bat and it had a huge crack. this things going yo blow soon. i was wondering wuth your connections if you can get a reciept for it so i can send it in for a new speed . ill will add cash if need be. thanks deck
    9. warmbats
      My teams have practiced and played in extreme weather conditions. I’m sure you can relate to getting up early on a cold blustery morning and heading out to the field to start spring practice. The kids are cold and so are the bats. After a few rounds the kids warm up, but unfortunately the bats don’t.

      Have you ever heard one of your kids say it “hurts” to hit a cold ball with a cold bat? Mine say it “stings!” Bat manufacturer’s recommend using bats above 60 degrees to avoid denting, breaking or cracking.

      I am writing to you about a new, one of a kind, product that can easily and safely warm up to 16 bats simultaneously without using electricity. Our Hotbox can minimize cold weather damage and reduce bat sting. Hotbox conveniently warm and store up to 16 bats for easy retrieval. Hotbox is fully portable and no electricity is required! Best of all, it’s made in the USA!

      Check out our website
    10. qmcconn4
      Do you want this mayhem or not? you pm'd me sunday for paypal info and said that you wanted it. i have tried to contact you with no response twice now so i need to know if i am holding this for you or no. thanks.

    11. kja
      Know anyone looking for a CNT+ 27oz mint?
    12. Whaleypa4
      Hello daddy day care, I still want your bat(27oz Stealth) do you still have it ?. sorry its taking so long! i should know something tomarrow. Thanks
    13. Whaleypa4
      If i buy, when will you ship the bat and, what form of payment will you accept (money order,personal check etc...) Because, i live in PA.
    14. Whaleypa4
      Never mind, I got your message, $265 Ill get back with you.
    15. Whaleypa4
      I am for some reason, unable to recieve your return message. Please send response via my e-mail ( if thats ok with you. Its cool, iam just a softball player like you, trying to get a good used bat.
    16. Whaleypa4
      Iam interested in your 27oz Easton Stealth Scn9, How much do you want for it?
    17. upper-deck
      we had a blast too!!!!! that was r first tourney definately want to play more with u guys .i was so sore though the next day!!!!!!! my number is 916 206 2756 thanks again deck
    18. upper-deck
      hey buddy wat to crush the ball sat!!!!!!!!!! thank you for you guys coming out and helping win the trophie! i was wondering if u see greg and rob if u can get the 2 shirts back i need them for league play. i can pick up anywhere thanks josh! deck
    19. upper-deck
      hey buddy just a reminder to you and yoour boys games at 930 25 bucks dont forget pic id. i got shirts for us i just need em back at end of tourney unless anyone wants to buy one for ten bucks. lets go Sac Attack!!!!!!!!!!!
    20. Eddie
      I see your online!
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