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Dec 22, 2013 at 11:52 PM
Feb 3, 2005
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May 27, 1976 (Age: 42)

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D'sNuts #5

Whoopwhoop, turtleturtle!, 42, from Illinois

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Dec 22, 2013
    1. freydog01
      Sorry, been playin in that mda tourney all weekend & just saw this message. Crap we have our fall league tourney that nite. I don't think we'll be done til 10pm.
    2. belly43
      Thanks for all the hard work you do to get this off I know some people are a pain but it was alot of fun to play in every year. By the way nice uniform.
    3. OG_\FlyingPigs
      Happy Birthday Bro....
    4. coach25
      I have you heard anything on the softball yet, Decker Sports are holding them for me

      Let me know ASAP
      Thank and Happy Holiday
    5. jward33
      really? nice
    6. jward33
      dude seriously iplay on a team named DEEZ nuts...and my # is #5
    7. JK21
      Is the Gold knob still holding up? Mine just broke yesterday
    8. TEABAG
      Hey all is well! Still cracking up over that bat you sent me ./. err... or half a bat ..ahahahahha
    9. jtk23
      they are both great balls.....I havent hit very many guru's but they are definately a smaller ball and hard so they should fly well...
    10. TEABAG
      I don't know waht I can do for you , i have not been down there for a while!
    11. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      whats up jd, you guys got pics from sat, and did you ever get that team pic from dougs wife. lmk
    12. Baker42
      call tim and tell him to get a hold of him
    13. Zeke 24
      Zeke 24
      bagz figured we'd be that since donnie is a traitor.
    14. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      ite sounds goood. i am sorrrre as hell. my neck and face is burnt. but it was fun.
    15. D'sNuts #5
      D'sNuts #5
      not yet ill do it after work today
    16. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      your ole lady upload any pics from yesterday.
    17. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      whats the word on the street about this weekend.
    18. Zeke 24
      Zeke 24
      That may change this year. We played 6/7 last year cause we all worked 3rd's. Now most of us are unemployed so who knows. With that many teams they may not.
    19. Zeke 24
      Zeke 24
      Oh yeah i know. It'll be fun with 16 teams, at least you won't play the same ones over and over again.
    20. Zeke 24
      Zeke 24
      Well, i guess i'll have to pull a blackwell and start a big fight and get us both kicked out. Ha. If i pitch i'll walk you every time. FYI, we are playing at hayes on friday's if your interested in playing a few games out there.
    21. D'sNuts #5
      D'sNuts #5
      think thats gonna stop me, lol ill 12 hop the pitcher
    22. Zeke 24
      Zeke 24
      Yeah but now you can't hit middle sucka. Now your screwed, haha.
    23. dds109
      aight ill get you hooked up tomorrow any particular bat?
    24. dds109
      What u want in the signature?
    25. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      sounds good, any times yet on the games. sat and sunday or just saturday
    26. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      last fall at season big joe picked some of these up and was hitting them in a game against us and our pitcher called hin out on them cause it said composite on the ball, and mike said not to use them and joe wound up blowing up and getting tossed.
      i knew they were legal but i wasnt gonna say anything cause they were killing em.

      they for this weekend
    27. bakers dozen
      bakers dozen
      depends, i have had some evils that kind of balloon up after getting wet, but still have a rock hard center and dont seem to hit as well. so keep em dry and those are g2g

      the t/a... i left one in the bed of my truck ALLLLLL winter, thru snow and rain. and i think thats the one you hit to the street at iles two weeks ago.

      this for this weekend
    28. Bagz
      I figured as much.later
    29. Bagz
      whats the word for this weekend?
    30. TEABAG
      You know being a combatant is not really being in a real club, right? If you can find one of those clowns to get you one for free,, then I may change my mind!! AHHhHhH
      Come out here I will take you to Combat and you can swing whatever your heart desires!
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