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Mar 27, 2008
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Feb 14, 2019 at 11:05 AM
    1. -Six-
      Dude i know, when you finger this place out let me know!
    2. RYNO95
      I think i am going to. Just need to start shopping to see what is out there. Really only want to commit if a team is competitive and playing up.
    3. chadder44
      What up huzzy?
    4. harborhog
      Well... In a nut shell, I haven't stopped drinking since friday, seen many many boobs, been in a fight and found a sick pair of oakleys in the sand. Fla is pretty damn sweet.
    5. shocker09
      No, Boogie, Mike Walker and our ss cant go, so Bobby called it off this morning. Just not enough time to get the whole thing togeather with airfare and all the other crap. Bobby is not the most gifted of coaches out there when it comes to getting **** done.
    6. #52
      Hi Huzz
    7. shocker09
      no i cant, Jenna has a cheering compition all day Saturday. Plus the 16 inch thing isnt a whole lot of fun for me.
    8. teddersx6
      no problem man anytime
    9. harborhog
      it was from, they had a special report about it. but, we're not getting anything close to that... it took a different track.
    10. teddersx6
      PM ur log in info, I'll get in there see wassup
    11. shocker09
      were heading down tonight
    12. 21st21
      Not bad Huzzy. Just had a couple of real busy weeks, had something going on in each of the past five weekends, my 2nd sons baptism, my brother in law just got married so I was in the wedding, host of a bachelor party, attendee of a stag party, two rehearsal dinners, yada, yada. Playing some ball this weekend in a local tourney, looking forward to it, hoping the weather is above 45 and dry, we'll see. Should be nice to get back on the field. Been busy with my boys and wife. How bout you...?
    13. huzzdog
      t h a n k s
    14. nike17
      Happy now? :) I wasn't near a computer and couldn't find it on my phone.
    15. JOKER44
      You have no idea... I am in the same spot as you
    16. creative10
      Better...havnt played since last Friday so that is a good How u doing??? U ready for this wknd??
    17. shoo2ers
      yup, funny thing is though it wouldnt let me register so i had to call and get my address updated anyways, too funny
    18. brickhouse13
      Russ talk to you at all about nationals and the brick?
    19. nike17
      Thanks buddy! You too...those were some lasers down the line! :D
    20. Mr. Hits
      Mr. Hits
      Huzz whats up im bored thought i would start a bunch of **** in here sense i never do watch its fun jans pissed at heath lol lol lol sit back and have fun
    21. nike17
      That message was not funny ;)
    22. Mayhem3
      Hey Huzz!
      It's Rob, i'm sending you that outline now on your yahoo.
    23. Big Moult#24
      Big Moult#24
      just sold my og freak to someone in Ri $170.00 waiting on confirmation.
    24. Big Moult#24
      Big Moult#24
      Too cold kid and Im getting ready to go to maryland for 6 weeks for work and ball . i'll be back April 17th and ready to play ball for the Pipe. i will be playing ball starting the first week of march in, MD with team bud light and the Pax River bombers.
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