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Aug 8, 2003
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May 15
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Central Mass. and 54 feet +/- from the plate.

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<font color="#000080">Arc Angels Softball</font>, from Central Mass. and 54 feet +/- from the plate.

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Feb 15, 2016
    1. Nbangaz34
      Arc what's up it's Nicky fam lol I can't believe I just found you on here. I know you can help me out getting a decent used jh mutant 27.5 or less. I got a few bats I could trade or I could always pay cash. Let me kno and if you wanna hit this week lmk. Hope all is well. "MARC THE ARC! MARC THE ARC! MARK THE ARC!!" lol message or u can just call if you want
      You can preorder by sending a $160.00 money order & a return address to the following address.

      5810A HWY 189 NORTH
      BAKER, FL 32531

      Phone: 1-877-GO-DRASH
    3. big wolfe
      big wolfe
      i did lol .. well let me no i travel well and have my own $ haha
    4. MarcTheArc
      got 13 comin already...wish you had asked earlier
    5. big wolfe
      big wolfe
      need a sandbagger for worlds ?? im reg in D so i can drop lol
    6. MarcTheArc
      Send me a pic or two of it, especially near the endcap. It will help me get a better idea for a price. 3-320 could be low balling it depending on condition.
    7. TheSpaz
      You posted on my thread about a week ago about whether I should get rid of this or not. I put a price check and got between 300-320. Not disputing those just trying to ask some of the guys who have been around longer if they agree. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I have more pics if needed.

    8. MarcTheArc
      Sorry to hear that Bro. can you send me a link to the thread? Thanks,
    9. ca3
      Have a 27 oz posted in the selling sec. Tore my achilles tendon out for the season
    10. sellinit
      Can you send emails of juggy to sce2603@yahoo.con. Thanks posted up trade off if interested as well
    11. MarcTheArc
      freak 98 27, anti-virus 26, {both in nice shape, bag and dirt scratches only} techfire rage 26{like new condition} I have access to a Nokona Renegade 28 in good shape,and an Anderson Matrix 28 in good shape. the last two are a friend of mine's. None of these bats have any stress cracks or rattles. LMK what you have.
    12. ca3
      Not sure what do you have to trade or what are you looking for have a niw og cnt 26oz
    13. ca3
      hey whats up, i have another og flex 26oz in better cond, then the other you got from me looking to trade for same bat in heavier 27 or 28
    14. big wolfe
      big wolfe
      whats up marc
    15. MarcTheArc
      Hi Charl,
      Good talking to you yesterday....we're on at 11:40 on field 1. Team Misfits. Hope you can hang, stop by and say hello.
    16. Cotter8
      I left a msg. on my site and realized you prolly wouldn't see it. Anyway, I was wondering why I hadn't heard back from Hick as I saw him about a month ago and then contacted him after...damn. I'll pm you my email...haven't heard a whole lot of good news lately, ugh! Btw, next time you're playing in EP or in Pawtucket, shoot me a text. If I'm not playing in a tourney (rare these days, lol), I'd love to come down and check out a game!
    17. mjs
    18. BanjoDan
      Yeah, I got the stuff. Sorry, I thought I PMed you. In fact, I'm wearing one of the shirts right now, and cut the lawn in the hat today.:D
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    May 15
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    Central Mass. and 54 feet +/- from the plate.
    Bat(s) of Choice:
    FULK 26 oz, SCN 4 26 oz, see sig for the rest

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    "Age is mind over matter; if you don't mind, it don't matter." Satchel Paige
    "Shoulda' used the MUTANT!!!!!" Gonzo at Windmill '07
    "Some people will say you are finished when you lose, I say you are finished when you quit. Never quit. Never, never, never." Author unknown
    UTRIP: EASTON: OG ST100 26,26,27 ; 2013 B 1 26 , OG WEGMAN 26, L4 ASA Border Battle 26, OG SYN 2ND BATCH 26, 2015 4 The Fallen 26, 2012 FULK 26,
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