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Sep 20, 2016
    1. bdb13
      Hi friend.... Long time no chat.... :)
    2. Mid Michigan Mayhem
      Mid Michigan Mayhem
      Yeah, one of the Team LC guys told me about it. We already told guys we weren't playing that weekend, so we have too many guys with plans already. If you do it next year, we would definitely be interested.
    3. tattooball
      I can assure you I am not smart enough to lie, hell the truth normaly gets me in trouble. If someone else says they got the bat made thats fine with me. I am making plenty of money not having anything to do with this bat. I have the emails that outlines my deal but again that is my business. Why would I be the only one since october selling it in the entire world if someone else was responsible for having it made. Very soon others will be selling a version of this same bat and you will see that the only small knob 10 inch centenarian's will be sold by me or people I sell to. The rest will get the big knob. To put you at ease the next time you see the guy, pat him on the back and tell him what a great job he did. Feel free to call C.E. they are in Ottawa canda.
    4. tattooball
      What is your motive, why do you care so much.
    5. tattooball
      Why don't you call the president of C.E Composites in canada.
    6. tattooball
    7. tattooball
      Do I have any proof of what? When I was selling them, it's common knowledge.
    8. tattooball
      I have been selling them since last november, as for who helped with getting it made. C.E.Composites and myself did this bat last october.
    9. bigdd13
      Yes I saw that and im gonna try but its tough etting guys to do 2 day tournaments because were from kinda all over.
    10. teddersx6
      Happy bday bro
    11. 2_bud
      You ready for a long wkend!!!!
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