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Jun 26, 2003
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Oct 25, 1966 (Age: 52)
Power plant operator.

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#1 IN YOUR HEARTS, Male, 52, from Watch-un-tun

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Feb 15, 2019 at 7:59 PM
    1. KannonsDad
      What's up dog?
    2. bukbuk
      Sorry been busy with work and ball. Yeah I hear ya on the bats, it's pretty ridiculous how obvious some of these things are. It had some of the guys on my team talking about getting a dirty bat for the next time we play in a tournament like that, I just told them we should stay down a level were the short fields somewhat neutralize it. We probably had a good chance to win the C division again, but wanted to challenge ourselves. Guess we found out where we stand with the big boys.
    3. bukbuk
      Nice, sounds like a good showing. I ended up being one of the better hitters on the team, but it didn't feel like it. I really struggle with the high arch and most of my hits came on flatter pitches. I tend to let the ball get too deep because I cant make up my if its going to be a strike or not, plus I broke the only ASA bat I've had for the last 3 years the week before the tournament, and I was pretty much going through any bat I could get my hands on.
      I hear you on the bat stuff. Snap put us out and they had a shiny Recoil that was just unreal. I've swung that bat before and it sounded nothing like that one. Also went up against a team that had a Demarini that had me and the other outfielders playing their little guys like they were power hitters. It's a shame to know that we could've pulled out a couple wins if those 5 to 6 extra home runs stay in the park for a routine fly ball. Oh well, still a fun tournament and hopefully we make it up there for next year.
    4. bukbuk
      Whats up Swing? I meant to get ahold of you earlier, but I caught the tail end of your game on saturday afternoon. We were getting ready to play after you guys and saw that laser that you hit in the gap. Nice swing bro.!! You're definitely a masher, how'd you guys end up? I couldn't believe how some of those guys were hitting the ball that weekend, we didn't have a single guy hit a homerun on the big diamond. Guess we should have stayed down in the C's. We had a few of out power hitters drop out last minute and it threw things off a little. We lost all three games by one run! Had leads in every game, but never had the hammer and lost in the bottom of the 7th in each one. Was still one of the best tournies of the year though, I'm already looking forward to next year.
    5. swingnmiss
      Good luck to you too brother. We'll try to get together.
    6. bukbuk
      Cool, i'll do the same. I'll be wearing #6 and I have no idea where i'll be playing, still waiting to hear back from a couple guys. Goodluck!
    7. swingnmiss
      I'll keep a look out for you. I'll be wearing #11 and in the outfield somewhere.
    8. bukbuk
      I'll be with Punishment/301 this time. Think we play at 9 on Saturday at the small fields and if we win I'm guessing we'll also be at the stadium. We will be coming in late friday night.
    9. swingnmiss
      Brawlers out of Couer D' Alene Idaho. We have the 1030 on Saturday on field #1. I'm assuming we'll be in the stadium from that point on. I'll be there Thursday afternoon and leave Monday. Who will you be with?
    10. bukbuk
      Hey, saw that you are going to ******** again, we decided to come back up. Who you playing with this weekend?
    11. swingnmiss
      I swear the dude in the video with that midget, the sheep, and the Vagisil only looks like me..........................
    12. Hihbidty
      When are you releasing the video?
    13. Biggons34
      Hey check your pm. I got a 28 helmer speed, one piece we talked about. For you $185...lmk. Just picked it up from Helmer this weekend! Thanks, Biggons.
    14. softballer69
      I know it says trade only but would you sell? need one quick
    15. OG_\FlyingPigs
      Happy Birthday Bro!!!!
    16. The Crimedog
      The Crimedog
      I wish I could! If I'm ever out that way, you'll be the first to know. lol
    17. The Crimedog
      The Crimedog
      Vanilla Tiny!
    18. dazed11211
      I've been livin the life!
    19. sandrasoto
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    20. Fatt_Tony_13
      That would be a long commute for one of us if we were on a team together.
    21. bukbuk
      Thanks! It's good to hear it from an outside perspective. The guy that was playing shortstop and i were thinking the same thing. He mentioned that our pitcher misses too many spots and kills our 5-man. I was having a hard time in Left field because it seemed like we were always a couple steps in the wrong direction. Oh well, just goes to show how valuable a great pitcher is. The guy we had last year is pitching up in C-ball now so it's been a lot tougher on our defense this year. You have a pretty big rep. going on here, half the guys on our team are SBF members and they all new who you were. We are hoping to come up to a couple tournaments up your way next year, if it works out we'll definitely take a few rounds. If you head out to Detroit for D worlds look me up.
    22. bukbuk
      What's up swing? What were you thinking about our 5-man? We've rotated 4 different guys there, including myself, and we've all kind of struggled with it. We ran it well last year, but we lost a bunch of guys to another team so it's been a struggle this year.
    23. Hihbidty
      Hey, do you know where I can get some good weed?
    24. Hihbidty
      Ahh your avatar.. Miss Linda Leigh, I think I intoduced you
    25. Flash
      I sure did miss the opportunity to meet the one and only this past weekend. But at least I was breathing the same air.
    26. Cubslover
      Did you say "Joint?"
    27. BrewCrewBaller
      Hey Swing,

      Put in some tee work this last weekend and got it on youtube. I posted a thread in the Open Slopitch Board as well. Really would appreciate your thoughts, considering I got a lot of my mechanics changes specifically from you.

    28. witchdawg7
      Yes I will be there this weekend playing! Hold me sexy man hold me!
    29. Cotter8
      Snowball tournball tourney next month for me...plastic bags over the feet, stay dry all day...UA has yet to come out with its own version but the local grocery store will do just fine
    30. Cotter8
      Looks like all the cool kids are doin' it, looks like myspace is getting kicked to the curb!
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    Power plant operator.
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    Helmer Speed, DeMarini Afermath and Mizuno Blackout for Utrip
    You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I'm extremely stupid and annoying. Best at slouching, scratching and burping. I once said something intelligent but can't remember what it was.

    softball, softball, softball, lifting weights, fishing, hunting, watching the Mariners on TV.

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