2016 Mizuno Mamba USSSA and Dual Stamp BP vid

Discussion in 'Mizuno' started by LSX Freak, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Other than Chudder's thread, I hadn't seen much about these anywhere. They've been sitting at the warehouse at SBF for quite some time, and they sent me some so we could see what they're about. I honestly didn't expect much, since there was hardly any talks on them at all and you see nobody using them anywhere. All things considered, I can't believe more people weren't talking about these. Even with the limited number of swings we put on these I was impressed. They weren't blow you away good just yet, but I could game either one and not feel at a disadvantage after a couple rounds of BP with some hard stuff to wake them up.

    SBF is running a big sale on these on June 22nd, 2 for $99 shipped! Hard to beat for that money. Perfect bat for a team starting out and just needing a bat to use, or someone who wants a BP bat that could turn gamer. Just know it'll take some work to get going.
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    The utrip Mamba is still one of my favorite bats ever. I swung it religiously for the last two years and it was lights out with whatever ball I hit it with. Unfortunately with a small company like Mizuno people fear buying their bats. They don't have the same marketing as the big boys but perform just as good or better. As of right now I'm still swinging the Mamba over the Nighthawk this year.
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    I never sent you my dual stamp Mamba to review because I thought it was such a turd. I have hit this bat nearly 1000 hits. Still will not have a place in my bag. Team bat would good for the cheap price.
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    Two bats for 99.00 that's an amazing deal. The Utrip Mamba is a solid bat. But there again, because Worth or Miken isn't on the barrel it's not talked about.

    If people would just give Mizuno a try, they would have a similar impression as you have. I for one have been wishing for an ASA only model.
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    it's a good deal, i jump on the two mizuno, one mamba ASA and one no doubt dual stamp bat.

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