Price Check 2017 Z4 Dual Stamp Endload 26oz

Discussion in 'Louisville Slugger' started by clcunn01, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Jul 27, 2018
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    I'm thinking about selling my dual stamp Z4 but before I post it for sale anywhere I would like to get a better idea of a reasonable asking price. It has never been used in a game or live BP, so far I've just hit off of a tee into a net at home. I would say probably <75 swings with mostly Classic Ms with some 52/300 balls mixed in.

    It has no field wear but I dinged it near the end cap so I am not sure how much that would change the price. I bought it online from closeoutbats in August so I have the paperwork that was shipped with it and it should have a little under 11 months left on the warranty.

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    i just purchased the USSSA version niw with free shipping for $119 from an online sales sight. Hope this helps
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