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Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by VSBR13, Jun 23, 2004.

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    I started a deal for a 26oz with receipt on April 14, 2004 with 3bag8/ladybug4120. I got the bat but no receipt. I emailed 3bag8 and asked if the receipt shipped separate and was informed that his partner must have forgotten to put the receipt in the box and that one would be on the way out to me. I waited couple of weeks still no receipt. I emailed again and was told that it shipped out last Thursday or Friday. I waited some more still no receipt. May 19, 2004 I sent another email. Response I got back was “Sorry man, today is last day of school, so I will have time to take care of all my ****. It will go out ASAP. Sorry again.” May 28, 2004 still no receipt. Emailed again and this is the response I got. “Hey! I had my partner send it out. If you don't have it by Monday send me your info again and I will ship it out along with something for the trouble. Thanks.” June 6, 2004 Still no receipt. Asked again where it is here is the response. “Send me your info and I will send it out myself tomorrow. Be sure to put what bat and size you got. Thanks and sorry about that, sometimes we get our wires crossed on who sends what. Thanks again.” June 15, 2004 you guessed it still no receipt. Response from 3bag8 “Hey man, I tore my ACL, MCL, and PCL and have been out for a while. I called my buddy to send it to you, but I will get one out tomorrow. Sorry about that. Thanks” Well it is June 23, 2004 now. I still don’t have a receipt and my last two emails have not been returned. I would suggest that no one deal with this person. His email address is know as 3bag8 on mohr and hottest bats board and ladybug4120 at I did get my bat but I am pissed that I still have not gotten my receipt.

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