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Discussion in 'Open Fast Pitch Board' started by sunup, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    Hi, looking for advice. I was wondering those of you that wear prescription eye glasses would you be able to play well without them? My daughter just got a prescription, but I was surprised by it.. she hits the ball well, she can catch fly balls without any problem in the outfield (she's 9). She catches at first base and does an awesome job at it... With my daughter's prescription I was told she can see 100 ft, but not beyond that. At school she does not have any issues.. she does have allergies, but they told me it would not affect her vision that much. I feel confused by it. the other question would it be worth her having contacts when playing sports? At 9 is that to young? Is Zenni a good place to order glasses.. Any friendly suggestions appreciated. I am wanting to make sure I cover all bases :D With getting her first prescription wanting to make sure she is not in something stronger then needed, I hear that is not good either if they are stronger then needed. Thanks.
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    If you have the means...prescription Oakleys worked well for me until I was able to get Lasik. They're not cheap though.
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    Wife didn't have good luck with zenni
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    Whether she can play without them depends on her specific vision needs. At 9 she probably doesn't need to see much beyond 100' on the ball field, or if she does, the ball is probably moving slow enough her eyes have time to pick it up. Once she starts wearing glasses and her eyes adjust to them, she might not be able to go without them even if she can play fine without them now.

    From personal experience, stronger than needed glasses are not good. When I was right around 50, the optometrist bumped my glasses up a notch because I'd "need stronger lenses someday". Before he did that, I could read just fine without them and often did. Haven't been able to since. Also haven't been back to him since.
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    I'll weigh in and add that contacts are absolutely not needed until she reaches an age where she sweats while playing in cold weather. Perspiration evaporates and condenses on the glasses on cool days causing them to fog up. There's just not enough movement or player contact to cause glasses to fall off in baseball or softball so there's no reason to wear contacts other than fogging up in my opinion.

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