Fake Cashiers Check being used

Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by VSBR13, Mar 29, 2004.

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    I saw this on another board and want to pass it along.

    I had two fake/bogus money orders written to me this last week for approx $1,000 each... They came from guys that contacted me (I think from this board) but I cant be sure. (they mentioned a message board, but didnt say which one)...

    The Cashiers Check's were deposited into my bank, and took approx a week to come back as fake/bogus... I will be contacting my local police tomorrow, but thought I would get some guys on the board to see if they know anything/anyone.

    I want to let everyone know they are coming from the Detroit Michigan Area... The name's they used I am sure are fake, but I have the address they gave me for each payment.

    These guys were trying to buy PST's, or Synergy2's... So if you get a offer from anyone in DETROIT from a address close to these, be careful...

    #1 Tony Moore
    9375 Mendota
    Detroit, MI 48204

    #2 Mark Thomas
    8077 Patton Street
    Detroit, MI 48228

    These guys used different name's, address', phone number's, and contacted me as though they were from the same team. The cashiers check's are the same, and are from a HUGE bank that is Nationwide so it took some extra time to trace the check's. These guys are good... They didnt ask for any overnight shipping, or anything to tip me off... They even asked for a discount...

    These cashiers check's have watermark's, and security features that all match the real thing... This is the real deal fella's... Dont get burned!

    Jake "Big" Vick

    Ps- Bank Info: Huntington Banking/Investments/Insurance
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    Man - that really sucks!!!! Jake is a great guy and trying to start his new biz to support his family. Just wrong.

    As for him letting us know and sharing that info, what a move, totally class. Most companies/people wouldnt want to share that info because of embaressment - he did it to help protect us with as much info as he could.

    Another hats off to Jake and Rallytime Sports.

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