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Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by nolti25, Oct 10, 2004.

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    Here is my situation lads....i just made a deal with a fellow board member.....i traded my 28oz returnable freak with about 150 to 200 swings for a synergy 2 that was supposed to have the same amount of swings....i received the synergy 2 thursday.....it is a 2 return bat like he promised.....but its quite beat up and also it has an engraving on the handle....G0460 is on the handle....im not sure what this means or what it is.....but i was wondering what u lads think i should do with this situation? i dont want to post his name and give him a bad name....i want to give him a chance to make up for this deal.....do u guys have any sugesstions? thanks in advance
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    Mar 23, 2004
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    if it wasn't in the condition specified, i would have said in the intial agreement that it voids the trade. you didn't get the product that was advertised. i don't care how many returns you have left. i doubt you need 2 returns in a year anyway. and if he wants to play the "synergy is worth more than a freak because of the extra return" card, tell him you can buy an extra receipt here for a freak.
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    him you want your bat back. Any good trader would do this. If you you are unhappy.. I would just be honest with them....


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