Marucci BBCOR Drop 3 Baseball bats

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    Anyone have any insight to the Marucci cat baseball bats? They have the cat 6, cat 7, and now the cat 8. Each year they have 2 different ones. One all alloy and one 2 piece called the connect. These bats for a high school kid range from $119 to $349. Anyone have any insight to which is the best? We all know just because it’s the newest doesn’t mean it’s better than the last years model. Also, the alloy 1 piece versus the 2 piece composite handle and alloy barrel. Any help is appreciated. My kid has to move from his 14u drop 5 cat 6 one piece that was stupid hot to a bbcor and I have no idea. Is the $119 just as good as the brand new cat 8 connect 2 piece at $349? Please help. Thanks gents.

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