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Discussion in 'USSSA' started by Prime, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Out of curiosity, do you guys think that there is a distinct advantage of having a newer top end bat compared to an older top end bat? I'm only asking because our rec league here lets you use any usssa bat and I've been swinging old stealths and synergys for a decade but every game all the young guys say I need to upgrade because new bats are so much better. Is there any truth to that or can it be attributed to bias/ignorance, league uses 44 375 balls and any usssa stamped bat. I hit well enough but it comes up so often it feels like I may be missing out on some new bat science or something.

    TLDR : High end Old bat vs New bat on 44 375 balls
  2. clementeunknown

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    New bats are better faster that is all. They break in 1/10th of the time an older bat takes to get hot. If I could I would swing my 13 year old Freak Plus. If the Stealths work for you swing away.
  3. MPT23

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    Given the choice, id swing one of my rdu, j2u, original stadium or my juice. All broken in proper. Granted all of these took alot of work to perform the way they do. All these new stamps swing like a broken in old stamp right from jump street. To each their own.
  4. ShortYellowBus

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    Definitely old bats for durability.

    If you don’t mind picking up a couple new bats a year, go get some superhuman power bats.

    The “new” bats are for guys who don’t work on their swing, avoid exercise regularly, and just want to play softball to hit homeruns all the time.
  5. Theseaduck

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    May 9, 2013
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    young guys perspective....I have a old cnt+ and my personal favorite of all time a red asa recoil ( I know utrip let it go) .....I have to swing the new stuff because the old stuff is not allowed.

    stand your ground and out hit them with the old stuff...
  6. D-ROCK13

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    I'd still be hitting my old stealths if they were legal. With that said, the Easton flex lines, all hit like the good old stuff, without the 2k hits break in
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    Not relevant, as in Canada, SPN does not allow the old utrip or asa2004 stamps. Must be the current utrip thumb.

    Having said that, new>old. I know alot of old guys are going to long for the good old days when equipment was **** and you used to target pitchers as a cheap way to get on base.

    Even with the bats that let anybody hit one out, there's still a distinct difference between the good hitters as poor ones. Work on technique and you will always be better than somebody who just went and bought a $300 bat
  8. CanadianClint

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    I Miss swinging my SRV3 (Stealth Speed) and SCN3. Ive had alot of combats over the year i miss too. My buddy has an OG Nemesis and i have an OG reaper we never really got alot of cuts on before they were outlawed. As much as i like old bats these newer bats for the LCB work well. Cant always hit grey and goldots anymore around here

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