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Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by chirotob, Sep 15, 2004.

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    :) Well, I was very happy when I got home today and saw that there was a USPS Priority Mail envelope waiting for me...and even better from Ely, Mn. Well, to put an endcap on the story, here's what happened:

    The envelope was delivered to the wrong addy. The person brought it back to the PO(a week later) and they looked me up. Took till today for the USPS to finally get off thier behinds and send it out to me. All is well now... Orlo has his bat and I have my money. This was a big nightmare, but its over now.

    Orlo, pls start using paypal... i think it would make everything much easier and smoother. Thanks again though, for coming through.

    This deal was terrible, but if you can start with paypal and come through like this, I'd deal with you again... I'm not gullible... I just generally believe in the good naturedness of people.


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