Ripped off in Houston

Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by jbo911, Feb 11, 2004.

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    This is from a board brother on Worldwide. I can't remember if I've seen him here or not, but some of you will know him.

    Do any of you know D. Jack Carter?

    Address is 5775 Westover in Houston, TX 77033. Near the intersection of MLK and Belfort, just south of Edgewood Park.
    We exchanged bats and cash back on Jan 30, well, I sent him a bat. Anyway, I just got back from a weekend working away, and still no bat or MO. It was sent Jan 30th, and he even gave me a USPS Deliv Conf number. How low is that to go to the P.O. and just grab a Deliv Conf number to show he sent it? Well, it hasn't been delivered, nor is it in the system. I sent him an email on Feb 5th, and got an auto response saying "D.J.Carter will out of the office.Please direct any inquiries or updates to the switchboard." And that's it. So he hasn't answered any emails! Email address is and shows Rick Martel as the name on the email, but he has gone by Jack, or D Jack Carter - CFO of Teledyne Labs in Houston. I deleted the first email, so I don't know his alias. Does anyone know this guy? FYI - He now has a NIW 27oz WWSCA Wicked Composite that I traded to him for a WS23 EST Max, and $80. Now I just want either the bat back NIW, what he said he was going send me, or enough money for me to buy another WWSCA. It's ridiculous that this has been happening a little too often lately to us board members! But luckily I know many people on these boards that can check it out for me. So if you're reading this Jack, you need to do the right thing! If anyone else can help me, or if someone can go by that address to see if they know anything (my bat was delivered there on Feb 2 according to USPS), please email me at
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    Man-I wish I would have known this-Rick Martel hit a bud of mine for 350.00 on the Ky far as I have heard he has NEVER completed a deal.....Good luck with this-Keith

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