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    Maybe this is why you're getting it wrong. It's not illegal to obstruct THE BASE. It's illegal to obstruct THE RUNNER.

    Before receiving the ball, the fielder didn't obstruct THE RUNNER.
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    no i think that why you're getting it wrong-- read the rule-- it is very specific in detail-- a fielder cannot impede a runner without possession of the ball-- in the video the fielders R foot was clearly impeding the runners path back to the base well before the throw so therefore OBS -- now if the fielder had caught / had possession of the ball then put his foot there it would be a legal play

    OBSTRUCTION: The act of a defensive team member: A. Who hinders or impedes a batter from striking at or hitting a pitched ball.
    B. A fielder, who impedes the progress of a runner or batter-runner who is legally
    running the bases unless the fielder is:
    1. in possession of the ball.
    2. in the act of fielding a batted ball.
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    What part about the rule to you not understand? The ONLY issue concerning OBS is impeding or hindering the runner while not in possession of the ball. It has ZERO, NADA, NIL, ZIP, NOTHING to do with where the defender is standing or blocking a base or base path.

    If the video, there was no hindrance to the runner prior to the defender receiving the ball. Your "all day long" call would be invalid
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    Jonsey, you are putting a definition to the word impede that is not there in the rulebook nor have we as umpires been instructed to call it that way. Impeding the runner means that they cause the runner to slow down or alter their path without the ball. In the play between the Rockies and the Brewers the runner was not impeded until after F5 had the ball. A players position does not impede the runner until the runner has to slow down and/or alter course because of it.

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