tangible improvements in hitting...

Discussion in 'Softball Training' started by Wik, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Hard to say for sure without seeing video of your swing, but sounds like she was on to something. Good chance that you were trying to get extension too early and ended up casting your hands, resulting in a looping swing and/or dragging the bat through the zone. I had to adjust a lot when going from hardball to softball, but I learned that a smooth, compact swing will generate plenty enough power. Usually when I am "off" it is because i start trying to put too much into the swing and my hands drift. Try not to overthink it. I usually just make sure when I load that my hands are in tight, just above my shoulder, then make sure they fire inside the ball. I trust that everything else will work as it is supposed to as long as I make sure to take the quickest route to the ball.
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    if softball at the rec level is stressful you are for sure doing something wrong.I play to get away from the day to day stress and forget bout life for a few hours at a time. Quit thinking and have fun.
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    bump.. good thread. beneficial to noobs like me. many good suggestions here. One key thing i think that has helped me significantly is what Jeff hall said in youtube. whether you suck or good, there should be only one thing in your mind and nothing else when you step in.. "I am going to destroy that ball!!!" If you are aggressive, even someone with bad mechanic can hit balls fairly hard.

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