USSSA Worth XL vs Harvey

Discussion in 'Worth' started by SoftballDad52, Oct 4, 2018.

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    I am turning into a worth guy...Swinging ASA Harvey and XL. Harvey ASA with stiff Flex50 and XL Flex100

    Trying to Decide for USSSA. Looks to me like the XL and Harvey are the same except paint? Both have Flex50 handle.

    Just bought the new 2019 Senior XL with same specs as the ASA Harvey and USSSA bats.

    What I really want is an ASA/USSSA and Senior bat that all swing similar and have similar feel.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I have the 2018 Worth Legit Harvey USSSA and I love it. Tons of pop. Never swung any of the other Worth's because I like a 28 oz bat and all my teammates have lighter ones. Sounds like many of the Worth models are the same except for barrel length and end load. So if you like one you are probably going to like the others.
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    All the Player Models are pretty much their mainline counter parts so basically if you dont like one color you can get the player model or if you dont like player model get the mainline. Same handles, barrel composites and weighting. I dont hit ASA anymore but I have a 2018 Branch Legit which is a solid performer.
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