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    This place used to be the bomb.

    When the font and lay out changed , so did the magic.
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    Onyx Enough Said

    It was almost 70, so cold wasn't the issue
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    Onyx Enough Said

    Haven't hit that one, but took the wrapper off a Senior Matrix yesterday, 15 swings and it cracked ....
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    Mens 40+ BLD Mira Loma players needed

    League starts 11/8... let me know if you have a team that would play or let's put at team together
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    Favorite Bat You Have Ever Swung?

    IMO, most under rated Worth bat ever....
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    For Sale 26oz Easton Helmer Dually

    This guy hasn't openly responded to anyone since he put this up in July, but yes , I was coming back to delete my comments and send pm's.
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    LTB FF3 MidLoad

    25.5 preferred , 26.5 is fine as well. New / Used .
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    Senior bats on a budget

    What core / compression do seniors play with. I've been on the sidelines for a few years and am ready to start playing again .
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    Senior bats on a budget

    I just picked one up in a 27oz. Doesn't feel all that balanced to me. Swings like it's end loaded. At least to me it does.
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    Senior bats on a budget

    I wish. 46 came up real quick!
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    20 Empire vs 18 Empire vs Hitman

    If equal price, which would you go with for those that have hit them? Please, keep comment to these nly, don't care about wicked, dudley ,ect...
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    Dudley Lightning Legend white knob

    It's one I might purchase. No cracks, no webbing, typical ground scratches. Said apx 150-200 swings
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    Dudley Lightning Legend white knob

    Whats the going rate for these? 28oz, Low swing number
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    Senior bats on a budget

    Any of the Combat senior models any good?
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    Fab 4 Travis Clark / SMASH Travis Clark

    Whats the difference between the 2?