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  • Hi there I'm new to this site found your name as someone to contact for a good glove for my left handed 13 yr old firstbase player. Whatcha have right now? Vinci perhaps I've heard is a good glove. Thanks Ruth
    Give me some info on these vinci fp gloves. My DD is using a $60 mizuno that she really likes, just don't know about the durability.
    The Nokona stuff is fine. It helps to put it in a warm car in the sun right before using. It will loosen it up. Just tell her to play lots of catch and stick with it.
    Heyas,glove arrived today.. I'll get her started breaking it in tonight at her lesson...any tips to speed it up? Also after I use the conditioner up is nokona ok? It's what I've always use and still have a bunch of it.
    Thank you
    Whats the damage for the pretty little Glove ? I have to break it to mama does it come with flowers?
    I will check on the time frame if we can do a blue. Out of town. I will get u some pics sunday.
    Case how's it going ? My Rosie might be ready for a Vinci can you get em in Royal (school colors not UCLA)? If not could you send me some pics of what you guy's have, so I could show her. Email [email protected]

    Thanks Bud
    Casey I am getting alot of interest in the glove and think I will have some people calling you soon. I was ask yesterday by an eight year old's dad if they made the glove in 12" and I told him I would find out from you.
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