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  • Are you still interested in getting a Wilson A2K-0 DW5-WC 12"? I've got one in great condition I'll sell. I've just posted it on Craigslist, but saw your post when I googled the glove. Let me know - [email protected]
    i sold the demolotion a while back, the fat boy is cracked and so is my ultimate weapon. only aluminum i have is a OG black est.
    How ya doin? Searchin for a demolition or a fatboy, my ASA league banned all composites. So I'm wondering if you still have the Demo? Please let me know!! TY
    hi, can you check under the wrist strap of your GMP55 for a retangular stamp with some Japanese writings inside it and take a pic of it? i have one but am just curious on what stamping goes on yours.. thanks!

    clean out your pm box!

    hey how is the sizing on that thing? i am thinking of making one but was wondering on size. i need to stop buying gloves :eek:
    Yo dude, I am looking for a dude to play ball on short notice.
    In Grapevine tonight at 6:30
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