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    For Sale Easton PPK82BT

    PM's returned
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    For Sale Easton PPK82BT

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    For Sale Easton PPK82BT

    Back up to for more offers
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    GTG bigleaguechew34

    Bought a CF4 from him. Bat came as expected with no issues. Would deal with again.
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    For Sale Easton PPK82BT

    Bump back up. Make an offer.
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    For Sale Easton PPK82BT

    Glove is Sold!!! Easton Premier Pro Kip Glove $65 12.75" and I would say it plays to size. Pretty well Broken in. It was my backup glove and treated me well.
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    4 bats 1 glove

    I think if there was only one standard for bats the numbers would be closer. I carry 2 gloves, one gamer, one backup. Anyone who has had a lace break at a game always carries a backup glove. I carry 3 bats, 1 ASA, 1 USSSA, 1 batting practice.
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    For Sale 2012 Worth Resmondo 27oz

    PM Received, Sold to Phillyhawk pending payment
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    LTB Pitcher protector

    This one is going to be tough with shipping. I would look to make your own. I bought the netting online for pretty cheap to create my own batting net. Then just go to your local home depot and see what you can do.
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    For Sale 2012 Worth Resmondo 27oz

    PM's Replyed
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    New Guy, New Year, New Bat (CL22 Pinky)

    I got one when they were on sale and can't wait to use it. How is this going to compare to a flyswatter? I was using it in my USSSA/ASA league and it worked pretty well with the 52/300 balls
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    For Sale 2012 Worth Resmondo 27oz

    BAT IS SOLD FOR $65 to Phillyhawk Has about 200 hits on it. Looking to sell for $65. I just have no need for it now. It isn't broken in yet. Has standard scratches and marks but not many swings.
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    Burlington, VT Male needed

    I need another male player for my coed team. We play Sunday afternoons. We are pretty laid back. We like to win but having fun is the most important aspect. Thanks for looking.
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    LTB BP bats

    I have a 27 oz 2012 Worth Resmondo 454 ASA. The white one with black text. Has about 200 hits on it. Not even broken in yet. Switched to Demarini so not a good BP bat for me. Would sell for $55. Let me know if you want to see pics, I can take some for you. Good luck on the hunt.
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    GTG SparksNVBaller

    Bought a J2 Flyswatter off him. Came timely and as expected. He mentioned cleat marks and I was nervous it was cover up for more wear and tear than advertised. I had no reason to be nervous. I would easily buy from him again.