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    30 oz senior bat

    I may receive on trade a 30 oz melee 2 bat. Why do guys swing this heavy a bat? Isn't most of the weight in the handle? Is there any distance difference for those that can handle the weight? Will they break the same as say a 26 or 27oz? Never swung a 30 as 26 seems just right.
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    Baseball/Softball Pants v. Sweatpants

    belt loops, polyester easy clean and durability, form fitting for the sport
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    Music and Weed.....

    Haven't seen the weed during games and practice but there are probably edible affected players around. Don't care for the music even if its my genre because someone else might not like the 70's. At least one guy i know claims to drink in the mornings before and during games. Definitely after...
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    Best BP Balls for Senior Bats?

    Can I get a comment on the following please: Worth 12" BP Platinum Dot Extreme Batting Practice Slowpitch Softballs FOR BOTH USSSA AND USA/ASA BATS Was given a used dozen for free and Wish to use for SSUSA bat BP, but read someone said not recommended as they may ruin a senior bat? Isn't...
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    Miken freak ssusa bats

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Seems to be the case with my older Worth Wicked one piece senior bats as well. They all swing well and miss hits are not a problem but almost 40 feet short compared to my gamer Adidas.
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    Miken freak ssusa bats

    Just picked up a couple of used senior bats for cheap and they seem to have average pop. Does anyone have comments on their experience with a 2018 Miken freak big cat black with red lettering or a 2019 Miken freak maxload Jason Kendrick white with red letters? Thanks
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    Swing Help

    could be relax, wait for it to get level in your zone during practice then transfer over to games. easy to get distracted, anxious listening to team mates cheering you on drowning it out may help
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    Where are all the 28-30oz bats?

    the guys I play with swing what they like and most prefer 25-27 some smaller players hit them out the park with the same frequency of the bigger players with heavier bats leads me to believe ymmv the people i see breaking bats are those in a rush and tap their barrels against chain link posts lol
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    Shoulder pain and numbness

    That soft toss routine sounds good. There's a guy that brings rubber bands to the ball park and uses them to warm up. Tried it and tightness and ache didn't occur, that usually followed long throws.
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    Shoulder pain and numbness

    Google is your friend. My guess is if you take a couple of Ibuprofen and the problem goes away lucky day. If not, wait for a proper diagnosis before it falls off from playing softball.
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    Backyard hitting net

    If you have some extra sheets, blankets and some bunji or rope its pretty easy to rig a barrier up
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    Onyx Enough Said

    Can recommend a bat warmer for cold days. There are the microwave bag type or solar sleeves. Using the latter may have been why I've only cracked 1 bat in 5 years.
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    Been a while since my last bp.

    change hats and get 10+ more feet lol imo, your follow through looks off balance maybe pretend to be in a position to run to first base
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    Why do I hit low or dropped balls so much further?

    a guy on our team does the same thing and someone says its because he is a golfer. hard to argue with success
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    Back in the game playing Senior ball…

    Maybe find a local senior group that has BP and ask to try what they have. Most likely to find they have bats of differing barrel lengths and weights, bpf rating. Also balanced and end loaded. You might end up liking a two piece like the worth mach 1. Imo, Can't go wrong with discontinued...