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  • just got home from ball and am beat!!!! I am def down......the CNT looks NOW. I am totally down for the trade!!! LMK if ur 100% interested.....thx Colby. If its easier to text u can hit me up that way.413-519-1103
    right on man! the DS is a 27FL. unfortunately, i dont have a receipt. bought 2 from my bro through his hookup. i cracked my og flex last year and swung a friends DS and thought itd be a nice replacement so i got 2 from my bro. just never got used to the soft feel and it just felt uncomfortable in my grip. i sold the one i was using to a buddy and bought a cnt+ri. im really liking it right now. so, im looking to trade my DS for a 27 oz cnt+ri in similar condition. there is no webbing at all. endcap is immaculate. i did replace the original grip though. if youre interested id really like to trade. my # is 650-533-6241. thanks again.
    I have a 27oz CNT+ RI with 50 swings on it if u want to trade....u have reciept with DS? LMK what u want to do...thx Colby
    hey man thanks for responding. ive watched a couple of your bp vids and i remember you did one for the cnt+ri. you didnt seem too impressed with it. well, ive got a practically niw combat DS. it has about 30 hits. all off a tee. doesnt even have any sign of webbing yet. if you still have one of those cnt+ri's laying around would you be willing to trade straight up? ill even ship 1st. you seem to be a pretty solid dude from your posts and videos. either way thanks for your time.
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