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    Lowest compression bat you've seen.....

    The bat testing procedure for the manufacturers to receive stamp approval is egregiously flawed. Improvement strides need to start there. BBS of 98mph was always what was deemed the fastest speed in which a P has a legit chance to attempt to defend himself. They moved the mounds back a few...
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    Switching which side you bat from

    My secret is to have bigger obliques. DM me for tips to my success.
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    LTB Looking for another Wilson 1799

    I have an A2000 NIW. I believe its the Walnut and black though
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    My guess is USSSA doesn't use the C+ bc it's too similar to the USA/ASA ball and they want to be distinguished from that. They'll just say "bc it's not what the players want" though.
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    Other GSL reentry

    As always, I appreciate your response. It gets confusing on Pg 62 & 63 in this year's rule book though.....where it says "all players" & "Any player" (see below) Pg 62 Double re-entry is allowed. Teams may substitute all players a maximum of 2 times per game into the same batting position...
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    Other GSL reentry

    P1 plays P2 subs in for him P3 subs in for P2 Can P1 still renter in this spot or is he now done for the game? I thought in USA/ASA P1 was done once P3 subbed in.
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    lol 3 digit temperature.... and ball distance...

    I agree with this 100% which is why I still swing 30oz bats. But I will say that the new technology seems to favor lighter bats designed for slower swing speeds. I've seen some bad swings with 24-25 oz bats send the ball a lot further than the technique and/or bat speed indicated.
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    So this happened today. What's the correct call?

    Once the ball is put into play, he/she is no longer entitled to that base as they are "forced" to advance, which in legal order would be towards home. If the 3B bag was touched first, the force is then nullified and the runner is once again entitled to the 3B bag OR to advance towards home at...
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    So this happened today. What's the correct call?

    Triple play if done as stated. If 3B stepped on 3B before tagging the runner standing on 3B, then a double play only with runners at 1st and 3rd for the next batter.
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    Is this right?

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    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    PST 137 long barrel 30oz. ^^^that guy would probably agree (except the 30oz part)
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    LTB ASA/USA 28-30oz

    13-14 inch barrel Up to 0.5oz EL (no 1.0 oz EL) Will be using to hit 44/375 balls Easton owners need not apply :oops: *Would be sending to NJ TIA
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    Someone posted about this recently. One guy had the same experience as you....someone else didn't. Do they still use the triangle boxes?
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    ASA Foot Out of the Batter's Box making Contact with Ball

    My issue with any of them not being enforced, is we keep hearing all this and that about "pitcher safety" but by allowing batter's to stand essentially wherever they want, we take away the ability to "jam" a batter bc even an inside corner pitch can be fully extended on by either standing as far...
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    How to avoid back outs and quitters

    That kind of mentality has been around forever. It's just more common now, and permitted/accepted more than it should be.