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    Pacific Hats

    We do the entire Pacific catalog - [email protected]
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    Looking for jerseys

    We have rush options to get them shipped as quick as 5 days - [email protected]
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    Arm sleeve

    We do single orders of arm sleeves - [email protected]
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    Need 15 hats for worlds

    If you're a Slugger or DeMarini fan we have these in stock that could ship the same day.... or
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    Need 14 Semi-sub drifits for rec coed team

    We have options at $20 (Rival) and $21 (JJ23) - you can email [email protected] if you'd like - NO ARTWORK FEES
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    Summer Special

    414-727-0415 [email protected]
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    LS Hat SALE - $5 off through 8/26

    $5 off every hat on the site! Sale ends 8/26!online-store/cj08/!/Headwear/c/8442594/offset=0&sort=priceAsc
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    S and L materials

    A few things in this thread I'd like to offer some clarity on... Everyone can have their own opinions on products and that's fine, but I have to comment on these things.... 1. We've never made anything for THEMShirts..... and I do believe they still exist. 2. We don't charge for artwork 99.9%...
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    S and L materials

    I would get my full dyes made out of JJ23 material, but I may be a bit biased! :D All polyester has a chance to pick if not washed properly (stay away from velcro or zippers) or if you butt up to a fence or something... If you go with JJ23 or Magic fabric you should be fine. Anything that...
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    GTG thanks S&L!!!!! awesome Jackets

    I don't often like digi camo... but I dig these. Nice design.
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    Subliminated reversible youth basketball uniforms

    We can do them with no more than a 3 week turnaround. 1-414-727-0415 or [email protected]
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    Looking for someone to make custom jersey

    We could do them as full dyes - contact us at [email protected] - They'd be $46 each
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    Best Shirts Under $25

    LoL, the post was from May - not a big deal.
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    needing jerseys for an august tourney - all made in USA - email [email protected] with any questions - 3 week turnaround.
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    New s&l hats in stock

    I'm not sure exactly - they are all here - if they went up to 8 they are most likely a Pacific 404m.!online-store/cj08/!/~/category/id=8442594&offset=0&sort=priceAsc