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    2020 freak primo vs 2021 freak primo

    Anyone have an opinion on the 2020 vs 2021 freak primo? Was there any difference other than paint?
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    For Trade Mikens & TM Blackout

    the mv3 bal or maxload
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    For Sale/Trade Miken MV3 28oz SuperMaxx

    scale weight?
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    For Trade Oakley Half Jacket XLJ w/Hard Case & 2 sets of lenses

    Not that your looking for or I want to get rid of
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    For Sale/Trade 26oz 454 Resmondo and 27oz Miken MV3

    Is the mv3 bal or supr max?
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    For Sale 26oz SY100

    bat is sold Going to MO
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    For Sale 26oz SY100

    deal pending
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    For Sale 26oz SY100

    all pm's returned bump
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    For Sale 26oz SY100

    I have no idea. It was like that when I got the bat and hasn't changed in the 200ish swings I have put on it.
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    For Sale 26oz SY100

    pm sent^^^^
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    For Sale 26oz SY100

    Sold!!!!I have a 26oz SY100 with approx 4-500 hits. It has a small paint crack on the blue E in easton and has been there unchanged since I got the bat used(pictured the best I could get). It has bag and ground scratchs, minor webbing and no rattle. It is returnable no paper. Sale for $180.
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    For Sale 2015 izzy psycho.....26 oz

    pm sent....
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    Price Check sy100

    thanks guys
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    Price Check sy100

    can I get a little help ??!