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    Bat companies

    I have been out of the game for few years and seems like pretty much the same bats r coming out now as 3 years ago. Have bat companies got lazy on r and d or what? See so many exclusive bats
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    Where can u get a balance fireflex from?
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    Difference between legit and est?

    What is the difference between these bats? The specs look the same to me
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    LTB Miken Freak PT12 Balanced

    I have 26oz with 50 hits. Text me 8153835851
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    Thoughts on pt12 balance

    Just seeing what u guys think of this.
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    LTB 25oz balance mikes or worth 2 piece

    25oz balance miken or worth 2 piece. Only looking 25oz and balance
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    LTB Looking to buy bats

    Got 26oz utrip worth est balance with receipt and barcode
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    LTB 26 oz HOT NON ASA Bat

    Got worth 220 nr for 50 or Easton 2016 Bryson baker for 60
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    Central Illinois player

    my team broke up this last year, played with Redrum in mostly NSA. Looking to play utrip d or NSA gold. Play infield and normally bat in middle of the order. Like playing middle but willing to play anywhere. Pm me
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    Easton bat

    it has been awhile since I have swung Easton, mostly use miken or worth. I saw easton has some cheap bats right now and thought maybe to try one. Looking at utrip flex. Which bat should I try?
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    Price Check Niw Uflip

    just looking for price for utrip aftermath from last year. Returnable with receipt
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    Price Check Niw 26oz duo3

    just looking for price. Returnable without receipt
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    For Sale 26oz tmnt mutant

    looking for 220. My bad.
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    For Sale 26oz tmnt mutant

    has about 75 hits. Returnable with receipt. Looking for 220