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    Learning the long ball! Have questions.

    The "at will" is the key phrase. I can hit the ball 330-370 but have no ability to do it at will. I just swing the bat and it could be a hard line drive, ground ball or bomb. It takes a special person to just hit bombs at will.
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    Glove sizes for baseball & softball

    I have a Bryce Harper HOH 13" that is absolutely perfect for me. I usually play OF or 1B.
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    Glove sizes for baseball & softball

    How many of you all play softball with a glove under 13"? I feel like I would be giving up an advantage by going below that size.
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    Middle Etiquette - League Play

    I hit the middle this most current Spring season. Was having a horrible game at the plate and picked up a light bat and just looked to make contact. I hit a really hard line drive off of the pitchers foot. I could easily have run to first and gotten a single. I simply walked out to the mound...
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    What Bat / Bats did you use for Spring-Summer league and will you use them for the Fall?

    Just finished up our Spring / Summer league and gonna start our Fall season in a couple of weeks. I started out swinging the WFF and tried everything from DC-41, Bubba Club, and Anarchy. Landed on the Demarini DB44 Juggy. Just a phenomenal bat that I am amazed that more people don't use. I...
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    OG Thread: Post what aluminum bat you used back in the day

    Worth Blue and Gold EST...Demarini Double Wall distance, Demarini 375.
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    Cutting a player from team

    Yeah man, you cannot cut the guys that committed and paid their fees already without coming off like a royal horses arse. If you don't want them on the team next year, line up players that are better to take their spot and communicate to the "less than" players that you might not have a spot...
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    Motivational Idea for my team

    I'd hit a grand slam every at bat and donate the money to a homeless shelter.
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    UTRIP 2021 Bat Change

    But even a dented up old EST or a flattened sided Demarini would still hit em out. Sigh...the good old days that so many weren't privileged to.
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    UTRIP 2021 Bat Change

    Can we please go back to using rocks and single wall aluminum bats? Those were the days.
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    USSSA Bat recommendation

    I would say it all comes down to feel. The Juggy has a different overall feel than the DC-41. Juggy has a shorter barrel and a different feel on contact. DC-41 is definitely going to feel stiffer. I prefer the DB44 over the DC-41, but that being said the DC-41 is an incredible bat and you...
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    Girl Pitching Coed

    This would be my problem, what percentage of players can make sure they don't hit the middle greater than 50% of the time? I can't. I mean if the ball is middle to middle in, I'm gonna take it left of second. If it is an outside pitch, I'm 43 and play once a week with maybe BP once a week, I...
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    Girl Pitching Coed

    Nope...never played catcher, but the only time I ever saw a catcher get seriously hurt (Little League through High School) was by a freak accident / collision. The padding and protection prevented just about every "preventable" injury. Now, and these conversations are difficult these days...
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    Girl Pitching Coed

    LOL, everything but the screen. I would want her to have a mask with the throat guard, chest protector and shin guards. If she was willing to do that, then I think it would take something completely freakish to hurt her.
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    Girl Pitching Coed

    Agree with you man, as long as she knows exactly what she is getting into and is appropriately protected she should be fine.