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    My j3a broke. Did yours?

    It's not noobs. it's cheaters. now GTFO you dirty little cheater.
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    My j3a broke. Did yours?

    Serious ?
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    Kansas City Metro Area

    I know a few years years ago FreakShow was on a Coed tourney team, they played several tourneys at Mid-Am I think. But like I said, it was 2 years ago. Now that I think about it, they were USSSA though. It might be possible to get a few teams together to play. Probably some of the coed ASA or...
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    For Sale/Trade 2 NR Combats Combo 105$ shipped

    I'll take em. Send me a PM with PP info.
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz j2u

    I'd be interested pending price..
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    For Sale 27 oz og maxload nr psycho

    PM sent...
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    For Sale Easton ASA For Sale

    Lets get these Sold.
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    For Sale Easton ASA For Sale

    Bump for the night... Anyone interested?
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    For Sale Easton ASA For Sale

    Bump this up..... Both prices are obo
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    For Sale Easton ASA For Sale

    SOLD Looking to sell only! No Trades Prices are OBO! Want these sold. Selling my ASA as I don't play any ASA this year. $165 - SCN11BH - Sold $140 - Salvo - Sold Pics bellow. 27oz SCN11BH - 250-500 hits. Still needs some breaking in. 27oz SRV5 Salvo - 250 hits??? Never hit. received in...
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    LTB anyone?

    How close do counterfeit clubs perform to the real deal? Just asking cause I've heard of "counterfeit" purses that were actually the real deal, just fell off a truck. Had a counterfeit Luepold scope that I would of swore was a real one......
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    shin guards for pitchers

    Yes. get the large ones, they custom fit. Read the instructions before opening as well. I didn't and the first set I bought I just opened and threw in my bag, didn't know I had to mold them. I ended up with 2 flat shields that were pretty much worthless. Had to buy a new set.:o
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    Looking an ASA Metal 1pc bat for a friend-NEED HELP!

    A Demarini 375 would work as they have the rolled over endcaps.
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    Only reply if you have hit Decker Sharks or Tattoos

    I had some older Sharks last year that were great and could last a game or 2, but as stated, I believe they have trailed in quality since. Thunder ZNs Last year, good for about 4 innings in the humid heat. Sy's - Suck. Stotes- Great Ball, better than the ZNs and should last at least a game or...
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    INSANITY fitness program

    you were the second one to PM me on mine, if the first one falls through I'll let you know.