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  • Wasn't sure if you got my offer on the Juice. Still interested so if you could contact me back when you get the chance I would appreciate it. Thanks.
    Mariniman, Hey What up? I have a quick question for you. I have a 06 or 07 White Steel ,so it is not under warranty anymore, that broke in two pieces during of my game tonight. It broke right where the grip tape ends, the barrell went flying into the outfield grass! I've seen your name alot in the forums (here and the Demarini website), I also know your a factory hitter and you seem to have a good idea about Demarini works as a company. Do you think if I called cust service and told them the truth about the warranty and everything they might be able to help me out. I have never heard of the White Steel snapping like this before, where it snapped. My Demarini bag is full of nothing but Demarini sticks (ONE, RD 28, Raw Steel, and now 2 White Steels) so I support this company in every way that I can. Thanks in advance for your insight on this. PM sent also.
    Hey bud - I am returning to softball after a 4 year illness (toxic exposure to black mold), almost killed me. I played pretty high level ASA so out of the loop now on bats to hit the .44 core 375 compression mush balls. I like balanced and light and have always liked DeMarini. How good is the J2 and are they as good as the pre 09 bats for hitting low compression? Just wondering if I should try to find a pre-09 bat or go with the new Demarinis. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.
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