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  • I was thinking more along the lines of taking so much BP, getting 400-500 swings doesn't really take that long and can you guess what the return on the 17BH is? I always liked y'all's 17BHs even though I never got one for myself. I went ahead and got two 28s. At that price they're hard to pass up.
    2012.5 17BH's (all weights) are all over e bay for $140-$145 with full warranty and receipt. They have the new 2013 stamp as well.
    I can make it Tuesday. We are leaving for PCB on Thursday morning for the weekend so if we're playing again Thursday I won't be there.
    The list of wood bats that I got was: X-Bats, Viper, BamBooBat, A-Bat Superior and Phoenix
    I did not notice the changes. I found a couple more 28 oz. Big Sticks for cheap so i'm set for bats. Since the park is supplying some bats i'm pretty sure mine are going to be off limits to the dugout masses. Hate to be that way but wood just isn't going to hold up to poor hitting and if i'm going to have broken bats i'm going to be the one breaking them.
    Hey buddy.were u still going to be able to donate for my sons baseball team? If so we are trying to get all the money in by the 1stof jan
    SCX3 = OG Extended
    SCN3 = OG Flex
    SCN9 = White Stealth

    Any self-respecting Easton guy should know these things. lol
    We did OK. I pitched the first game and got hit at at least 8 times. I think we'll be alright if we can get enough to show up every night.
    Got my days mixed up, it was Mon. night and we mercy ruled them 19-3 in 5.
    Nicky called me Tues. night to go over to the ball fields and help Bay Springs beat the tar out of your Calvary co-ed team. Bay Spings was short one guy so I filled in with them. If you want to feel like a hero, go play some church co-ed. The talent level, or lack thereof, is astounding.
    I saw it this AM in the Monday Madness Newsletter. Great deal, even though it is a DEMO with no warranty. I'm trying not to buy anymore bats until we know what the deal is going to be with the certification and balls so quit tempting me. lol
    Why in the world were y'all working a baseball tourny? Me and Jerry hit alright but we couldn't hold a candle to pistol Pete and his freshly shaved sticks.
    That J-Mac's team is nothing but trouble. LOL

    6:30 still good for tomorrow?
    Well, ya rookies missed one becuse I found 4 total, 1 Mike Leonard. Y'all still in it then?
    Are we hitting Friday or is it impossible to get more than 2 J-Mac's guys together without a riot breaking out? lol
    The Salvo is pure fire after 20 swings. Even J-Mac hit one into the little league field with it, gimpy wrist and all. You might not like it due to it being a lot like an OG Extended. It's the SRV3 with a stiffer handle basically.
    Older white haired dude that played 3rd. Didn't take the bat because Steve stayed in but he got hit hard. The bat was a Miken 484. J-Mac said the dude's name but I forgot what he said. He also said the 484 has been worked on.
    I found 6 balls this AM but only 2 were y'all's.
    Yep, they were hitting the white Toxic. One of their guy's drilled Steve in the kneecap but it wasn't with the Toxic.
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