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    40+ Ball in DFW?

    Check the NSA site... I know they had a 40+ division in Mesquite earlier in the year. There were about 3 40+ teams and they played pool games against 50+ teams. But as stated above, most tourney's are 50+.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    Early games Saturday... I may still be asleep. Obagain -- there are games early Sunday with championship games starting at 9:30 AM. Good Luck westtexas... hopefully we'll play you at 6:00 in winner's bracket.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    Westtexas what position will you be playing so I can say hi while I'm out there? I'll either be pitching or an infield spot... hitting a yellow demarini for our squad.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    I heard, that yes, it was going to be a two day event so we would be playing on Sunday.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    I'll be there in the 50's as well, merchants.
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    GTG Suitcase81056 is definitely GTG.

    Smooth trade, great communication... Don't hesitate to deal with him.
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    For Trade 28 oz. White Centenarian for Sr. DeMarini One

    Looking to trade my 28 oz. White Combat Centenarian for a Demarini One 2013 (yellow/lime green) in 26 or 27 oz. Centenarian has less than 10 games on it and I am looking for something in similar condition. I just haven't gotten used to the end load so want to try something new. When taking pics...
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    GTG Commanderjb very GTG

    Don't hesitate to deal with him, he went out of his way to make sure deal was great.
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    figured some of you senior guys may know this

    It is a Bombat Bear... I saw a couple of these on auction sites last week and the shape of the bat really stood out. I have never seen one or hit with one, but would worry about hitting it off the weird taper. There is one in the group of bats at the following...
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    Plano SPA... anyone coming in for this?

    Don't know how I missed you as that was the game I was watching also. Alan (PlanoPlayer here on SBF) had a great tourney from what I heard (25 for 28 and MVP).... Alan if you read this, you could have been on base more last night if you would just run out your hits:) Paul (LF for classics)...
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    Plano SPA... anyone coming in for this?

    Bob, I was only able to get out there for a little while Sunday morning. Watched Rick Smith team play finals of winner's bracket game and both teams were crushing the ball. Wind was blowing in on field #1 which is unusual but it didn't seem to affect these guys one bit as they were still...
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    Plano SPA... anyone coming in for this?

    I play at Heritage and will probably come out and watch a few games Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Anyone coming in for the event? Leave a team name and if I'm out there when you're playing I'll have someone to root for.
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    IcyHot Malfunction

    That's gonna hurt. I used icy hot and then replaced a contact lens...couldn't see and couldn't stop my eye from watering.