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    Akadema ?

    They're good gloves. I played with the AMR 34(saw Bryce Harper with it his rookie year and it was on sale for 150, so i said what the hell). Broke in nice, pocket was plenty deep for a softball. Id say the only knock is they pancake much faster than the A2000 or a 30. Glove lasted about 3...
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    Pure Hellfire bat

    Anarchy Xcores and the most popular 25oz Monstas(M2s) have the same threshold, 1050. The Anarchy shortbarrels fail at 900. Hypes(the most fragile, lightest, designed for rec players) have an even higher threshhold, at 1350. Your message isnt wrong, but the PSI numbers aren't what hitters should...
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    ***** bats

    The first three flippers were GAS. And super durable, those OGs are still in dugouts, people hit 44s and 40s with them, and theyve lasted for 1000s of swings.
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    ***** bats

    The weighting is also inaccurate. Maybe they weigh 25oz when they get the bats from China(after 18 months of waiting), but after they insert their precious floating inner barrel, the torches and sinisters weigh more and swing heavier than all of the 26 oz bats on the market.
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    For Sale Anarchy Pink, Pure NDM1

    Wow. Helluva deal.
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    Looking to trade for 2014 purple mercy have trade bait get ahold of me 814 476 8393

    Oh hey, its David Watson the scumbag c*cksucker of a scam artist! Still waiting for my OG DNA, you piece of sh*t. F*ck this guy.
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    Bat Tech: Old School vs New...and does it really matter?

    A power hitter isn't gaining anything with a non-linear bat...but they're not losing anything either. Linear, non-linear, that type of hitter is gonna go 325+ regardless of the kind of bat. The benefit they get is a faster break in. The weaker, less experienced rec player is the one who...
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    Bat Tech: Old School vs New...and does it really matter?

    I would tend to agree, only because the new bats break in much faster than the older stuff. They simply get hotter really quickly. I have a teammate who’s bought one bat since 2013, an Easton L6. That thing has 10k+ hits on it, and goes toe to toe with ANYTHING, regardless of the ball or...
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    Bat Tech: Old School vs New...and does it really matter?

    Counterpoint: Grab yourself a 28oz Anarchy, DC-41, or Onyx and watch the panties drop.
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    Bat Tech: Old School vs New...and does it really matter?

    IMO, the biggest difference is break in period, which is directly proportional to durability. You can game a modern bat out of the wrapper, while 15 years ago most would agree thats unthinkable. The .52 cor ball is the great equalizer. Its true some bats hit it better than others, but that...
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    one piece vs two piece bat?

    The Salvos I’m talking about are linear and are older composite. They only sell them on a competitors site. Three different options. I’m interested too, we hit .40/275s where I play. Durability is always an issue.
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    I shouldve vetted him better, so its on me, lesson learned, but nobody do a deal with this prick. Says his name is David Watson. Tried to do a trade, OG Mercy for an OG DNA straight up, and this is what ends up in...
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    one piece vs two piece bat?

    I prefer the one piece. It talks to me through feedback. "You didnt hit it clean, jackass, maybe skip the bat flip and focus on running bases?" One drawback to the one piece is youre limited in newer options. For ASA ball, its Anarchy, Monsta, and I think i saw a new dual stamp Salvo?