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    Cleaning the inside?

    First shake your gloves with water as much water as possible then dry it, absorb and absorb any remaining moisture. Rehydrate with a thin layer of oil or balm then leave overnight in a cool, dry place.
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    Glove for a 10 year old beginner?

    Rawlings Select Pro Lite, these gloves are light and easy for my 10-year-old to pick up and maneuver
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    Backyard hitting net

    Rukket B00KN1MH8Y hitting net, my son often uses it to practice pitching. Easy to set up and very sturdy, well made of good materials, very pleased with it.
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    Best Slowpitch Gloves

    I quite like the Wilson A2K, the Wilson A2K glove is engineered by technicians to perform at high speeds on the court.
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    LTB Glove for my 7 yr old son!’

    I would recommend Rawlings Select Pro Lite baseball gloves, my son loves this glove. My son had no problem breaking it, although it was pretty soft right out of the shelf. Its texture is tight, the dimensions are right, and everything about it seems to feel good.
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    Glove Reccomendation - 3B/Hybrid

    We have Franklin sports baseball and softball mitt and I love this gloves. The glove is probably not suitable for tournament play, but it will last a few years for my purposes. This glove is cheaper than some youth gloves! Very happy with the glove.
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    Gloves with small hand stalls

    Rawlings Select Pro Lite leather is soft and brittle. I would highly recommend this glove for 7 to 12 year olds.
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    Cleaning the inside?

    Shake off any attached dirt, then clean thoroughly with the solution. Wipe the inside and outside with the solution, wiping thoroughly until the previous foam is gone and the gloves are completely clean. Air dry gloves
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    I need some suggestions on a good first base glove

    Some of the best first-base gloves on the market, these brands offer the most premium first-timers baseball gloves: Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno.