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    Wilson Custom

    Are the custom A2Ks still made in Japan?
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    LTB Wilson Pro Issue Catchers Mitt/1781

    Looking for two here, both pro issue, any Wilson catchers mitts as well as a 1781. Text message me at (419) 266-6804. Please message me! Thanks!
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    Rawlings Customs made in Philippines?

    I’ll have to get some pics up of the glove I received. The leather is like butter. So nice.
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    Rawlings Customs made in Philippines?

    God I hope the quality hasn’t changed…
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    Rawlings Customs made in Philippines?

    Received notification that the first of my two customs are on the way. Have the Rawlings custom gloves always been made in the Philippines? Just something to talk about! Thanks!
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    LTB Mizuno GZPIchiro51/GMP7/GMP70 RHT

    Figured I’d also throw this up here. Been looking for one of these for a good long time now. Would love to nab one.
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    LTB Rawlings DCT

    Looking for a Pro Pref or HoH DCT in either black or tan, preferably new with tags. Please PM me if you have something! TY!
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    Rawlings Custom

    Nice glove Marty! I ordered the PROSFM20XL last night. Now begins the waiting game. I guess we’ll find out when it gets here.
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    Japanese Rawlings Leather Cleaner?

    Looking to buy some of this stuff, though it has been notoriously hard to track down. Please let me know if anyone has a line on any of it. Thanks!
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    LTB Wilson 1781 or SP125

    Hey Committed, can I get in on one of those 1781s? PM me please!
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    What’s your favorite glove that you ever played?

    And because threads go better with pictures:
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    Rawlings Custom

    Smaller/larger as in traditional measurement from palm to tip, which at this point is what I’m referring to with the question I asked. I have heard multiple times that customs can run either larger or smaller than the advertised size. I was simply asking what members here have experienced.
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    What’s your favorite glove that you ever played?

    I have a custom Rawlings 504 with an H web that is my baby.
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    Rawlings Custom

    First base: PROSDCT vs PROSFM20XL I like the DCT for sure… but the FM20XL has an H web and is dual hinge. Unfortunately it’s a bit smaller at 12.25”, but I hear the pattern runs big on customs … but it never hurts to ask.
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    Rawlings Custom

    Hello All! Been a while since I posted here, but a quick question: How do the Rawlings custom gloves run? Bigger… smaller? Thank you!