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    Senior bats

    Sold mine on the bay SMOKE
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    Anderson Huers General Discussion: The Sequel

    saw a raw steel on Craig's list that was listed as being rusty, couldn't really tell by the pix SMOKE
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    Baseball/Softball Pants v. Sweatpants

    Baseball pants will have extra padding in the proper places for sliding SMOKE
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    For Sale Lots of rare metal bats: singlewalls, doublewalls

    Made me look,just saying SMOKE
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    This place used to be the bomb.

    OG bat shaving SMOKE
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    This place used to be the bomb.

    Who remembers Derek Gibson? SMOKE
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    For Sale Supercell , sonic , raw, z2000 , z1000 SB11Z

    I'm in for some pix SMOKE
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    lol 3 digit temperature.... and ball distance...

    The older I get the better I was SMOKE
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    Wood Bats

    No magic wood bat, comes down to feel of the handle and knob.Bamboo and some of the hybrids will have flexibility handles The Caution from Evil is a good choice as are the Corndog SMOKE
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    LTB Metal for daughter

    I have some bats that might work, sent you a PM SMOKE
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    Where are all the 28-30oz bats?

    Never heard of a 6'4" guy being called scrawny, maybe a bean pole SMOKE
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    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    That’s a 95, 94 had same graphics but has pat. pending instead of a # SMOKE
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    Single wall options

    Some leagues won’t allow composite handle bats, SMOKE