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  • I've been notified from a board person in that thread you've posted pics he didn't approve of. So in the OSP please take down the pics that youve posted
    . Thanks
    Booger arrived and I am very pleased with it! Can't wait to see this Bad Boy in action!Thanks again for the professional service and great communication, SickSticks!
    Scott and I had some differences and I am not playing with him anymore. If he wants to be a man and tell everyone why he can. Don't feel it's my place to tell people. But if you would just keep your ears open for me bc I want to play!
    Didnt expect to see you in January, but when i heard something about my hair I knew exactly who it was haha! Due to the reclassfication, I hope we get play you guys this year. It is always fun! Good luck Bro!
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