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  • No sir i have not yet, mail ran really weird this weekend as i dont think they even brought our mail on saturday.. ill let you know if they come today, did ya have a tracking number?
    Going on about 2-3 years. He is very knowledgeable and is a great ball player. Definitely, a good dude.
    Can't afford to buy any bats. That is why I was offering it up as trade. All good. I think if you give the techfire some time it may suprise you.
    I don't have a techfire 2010. So I can't tell you how many swings it takes to get broken in - sorry. I have an ASA Frenzy Elite - Techfire.

    Remember I was going to trade you an OG ASA Wrath for the 2010 Techfire.
    haha works everytime 3-1...good game we'll put up a better fight next time we were missing 3 of best 4 players... hard to even compete without SS, CF, 3rd...yall hit it good still
    It does look like that, but a ball wont go through it... I've tried putting one in there.... The mask is metal, I like it because it doesn't obstruct your view, I've had a few, and this is my favorite... If you buy it, you wont be dissapointed....
    hell yea.. but its prob going to be raining. If not, im def. down. i'll pm you my number and you can text me the details.
    awesome bro. Well, we won't be seeing you guys till the tourney. Sounds like a good thing. LoL. Good luck to you guys this year. Hope yall get bdubs next time.
    I read on the website that yall are A league. Yall must have some decent players to be a first year team already playin A ball.
    Yeah just saw that! Damn yall are good eah? All you have to do is hit the ball and anybody can play with anybody! Good luck hope to see you out there!
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