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    LTB Easton CNT+ (SCN 2)

    I might have one. I would have to stop and check my storage unit.
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    Bat Collections 3

    That's a nice collection bud.
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    Price Check Price Check - NIW OG SRV5 Easton Salvo

    Thanks for your input bro. I wasn't sure what they went for now these days. Sorry bro, I can't sell them on the site. Ain't gonna happen. Thanks! :rolleyes:
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    Price Check Price Check - NIW OG SRV5 Easton Salvo

    Thinking of selling these locally. The weights are 26 and 27oz if that really maters. Just wanna know what a fair price would be on these NIW w/ No Receipt bats? Thanks for any info on this subject. It's a ~ PRICE CHECK ONLY ~
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    For Sale stag upper

    Tagged for later viewing. Might be interested.
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    Dvs 1

    It gonna have my signature on it
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    Dvs 1

    Sick Pick Up!!! You'll love it.
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    For Sale Miken XL psycho jersey

    Nice looking jersey.
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    Miken Weighting

    Nice work!
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    For Sale 27oz DVS1

    Bump for an awesome bat.
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    maniac 484 or freak 98

    I like the F98. It felt like it broke in faster than the 484. Even though you gotta put in a thousand hits on both of
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    Need some BP guys so cal

    I might be able to make it on Thursday.
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    LTB Easton Salvo SRV5

    Whoa! Is that what they're going for NIW? How did you come up with that price?
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    Price Check Jd73

    Too bad it's not a open back glove. I would have been interested in it. Nice glove though.