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  • I was wondering if you know anywhere I can pick a 28oz el av original not the reloaded version that just came out. I have one and absolutely love the freaking bat and have been looking for another for some time now. I was really hoping you could maybe point me in the right direction seeing how it looks like you are a loyal combat user that you might know where I could get one.
    Any chance you know of any 28oz el av's? i have one now... love it, best bat i have swung.. lookin for another
    Thanks bro.

    Just asked my wife and she said her dad use to play for White Plains. She isnt sure if he still does.
    I wont be. I live in Okinawa Japan. Military. My father in law might be. When my wife gets home, I will ask her if he is going and if he is still playing in the church league.
    I saw on the NC Softball Fans group that you play in the Cary Church League. What Church do you play for? My parents go to Cary Alliance and my dad played with them back in the day. You might know my father in law if you have been playing there for a while. Kenny Seagroves.
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