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    anyone has any experience using "Pop Toss Green one"?

    I just got off the phone with them. They really are a great company. Sending out another one. They told me not to put it in a bucket.
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    anyone has any experience using "Pop Toss Green one"?

    I want to like it. But it's made of plastic and is cheap in my opinion. The spring keeps coming out. I've broken 3 in 6 weeks. However, i will say the CS has been great about sending out new ones. Just tired of using them to only break.
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    Backyard Batting Cage Recommendation?

    Try the iron horse from batting cages inc. Its pricey but really nice. If looking for cheap buy a nice big net, hang it as high as u can between some trees and go to town.
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    PopToss Batting Tees pitch 12 inch softball to you from 20 to 25 feet on a 10 foot ar

    Just read that post. Really well done. I need to figure out the trash barrel/ pop toss green tee system.
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    Cut the ball

    Man that was ridiculous. Thanks
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    Cut the ball

    Thank you. I'm gonna get this down
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    Cut the ball

    Thank you
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    Cut the ball

    Are there any videos how to cut the ball? I know you try and hit the bottom 3rd. Create back spin equals distance but I feel like I'm missing something.
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    Do you lift before a game?

    I agree. I skip legs til morning after my last game of the week to give the most time to recover. Any other muscle group, just do the normal routine.