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    2014-2016 Dallas/Ft. Worth Free Agent Thread

    Available to play anytime this week/end. OF/P, fast and consistent 1B/2B hits.
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    Shaved Bats a thing of the past

    You're kidding right? This is USSSA Worlds we are talking about here? No mandatory bat testing for all bats brought onto the fields? I don't see as much in Leagues or Tournaments here as we used to but there is still a few around and you usually can tell.
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    2014-2016 Dallas/Ft. Worth Free Agent Thread

    Bump this up to keep this alive for SBF DFW free agents I can play this week (nites) anywhere North DFW
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    Scn3 or Scx3

    My vote is for the Extended but you can't go wrong with either hitting harder balls. Just compression tested my Flex this morning at the fields for playoff games, not even close to broken in. Same bat/barrel, slightly different taper .
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    2014-2016 Dallas/Ft. Worth Free Agent Thread

    Post the Spring '15 start dates for various DFW area leagues?
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    ASA Bat rule for excessive wear and rattle...

    :mod:Tournament Bat Check List::mod: 1.) Rattles? 2.) End cap wear? 3.) Any Spirals/Webbing/Delaminating? 4.) Any wear on stamp(s)? 5.) Bat testing sticker(s)? (if tested) 6.) Any "modifications"?
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    For Sale/Trade 13" Insignia basket web RHT

    PM sent to ya
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    OG Snake Combat question

    My teammate had a gray/blue one, that sucker was WAY hot
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    OG Snake Combat question

    Dang man send one my way for "testing" , I have some senior bats trade bait :o
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    2014-2016 Dallas/Ft. Worth Free Agent Thread

    There's still winter softball around DFW? :rolleyes:
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    Isn't it about Rumor Time?

    This year is the worst rumor mill selection...:yawn: Maybe a good thing?:thumb:
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    For Sale 27.5oz blk/ylw Blackout USSSA

    Two bats is way too low for a SBF regular :D Bump for ya
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    Price Check minty amg 1275 H web

    Put a pic up, might help to get it sold
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    on deck batter is in box, does he have to move?

    player needs to move or else obstruction, His call
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    curious if anyone has seen this ball before.

    U got jacked for sure, take it up w/ ur LD or GSA TD...:mod: A ball that you can't buy sends up all types of red flags...:banned: