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  • John,

    Sent you an email about the jersey add on's can I please get an update.

    Base. (Northern Comfort)
    hey i will take 5 pairs of the ****ies
    42" black x1
    42" charcoal x2
    42" navy x2 lmk best you could do on them please will paypal as gift 760 490 8448 mike
    Can I get a pair of the blk and charcoal. 40's. I will pp u on friday if still available. Thanks
    hey john
    quick question...do you have simple dri-fit type tops like the Badger white/black that Ken Hawkins ordered for So Cal Players last summer? I had someone make a logo for me and need about 15 jerseys with 10" numbers on the back. Just looking for a possible timeline and pricing.
    Thanks again,
    Chris Laws (Cleavage Crew guy)
    IF my spomsor comes through I will be needing 12 sets of:

    2 full sub-dye jerseys
    Design fee for logo

    What would this run?
    hi i was told to ask u if u could help me out. i was looking for someone to do the miken logo on a majectic therma fleece like the one denny crine wears and i was told to contact you by sherwood17. thanx in advance

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