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    LTB Youth Baseball Glove

    let me know what you got. he needs a 11.75 to 12. he plays center, ss, and pitches, so one the covers all would be great other wise a OF/P combo is fine, thanks....hit me up here, or at [email protected]
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    WTB - Youth Bats for 7/8 y/o team

    congrats, thats a fun age to coach, i have minor league cal ripken, ages 7-9. Its a great experience. bats are not very easy to find on here.
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    Any interest in these Sunglasses ?

    they look cool, id get a pair
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    Anyone in Central Valley, California ??

    good luck with this man, im down in visalia, its about 1 1/2 south of modesto....
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    Looking for high end LL Bat

    I have a JHM798 no return in excellent condition that i am willing to part with for a high end little league bat. My son is 8 and he swings an 29in and weight must be 17oz or lighter. The M7 is very hot. Awesome bat, i dont wnat to give it up, but i am coaching right now and not playing that...
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    Little League Stuff

    does anyone know of any forums that have used little league equipment. There isnt much stuff on here, its kinda hit an miss. if anyone knows of one, please lmk. thanks
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    Lts tpx exo -12

    pm sent...........
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    LTG Dodger Blue Phiten and any dodger gear you have

    anyone got any of these?????
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    LTG Dodger Blue Phiten and any dodger gear you have

    like it says, my lil guy is on the dodgers this year so i need the hook up LMK, he is 8 so the phiten needs to be the small one
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    lts or trade 3 pants, 3 pullovers 3 jerseys and a bunch of shirts

    do the shirts come in 2xghey! I usually wear a 3xghey, but ill try and squeeze into it, lol. Nah but really post some pics or email to [email protected]
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    Ronn050 is gtg

    good product, fast shipping.
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    LTT Wilson A2000 DW5

    let me know if you decide to sell, im interested