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    Bro if you ever need anything even to talk directly(701-400-9019) mk for sure...Prays and thoughts are with you and your fam
    Hey Will, just wondering if you could add me to the factory hitter list. My name is Bill Gideon, my screen name is vspec2fan and I'm out of Dearborn Heights MI. My email address is [email protected] Thanks in advance, if you have any questions please let me know.
    How's it going Will, I was wondering how someone becomes a factory hitter. I live in Massachusetts and I noticed you don't have one in the area. I play on 3 teams and get in 3-4 games/week in the season and was wondering if it were possible to become one. (i am sure you get this question often, but I had to ask) Oh and I love the demarini line of bats. I am a huge fan of the white steel for crushing those mush SB12's. Thanks for your time!
    What about the diff. b/n the OTC juggy & the juggy? endload? I don't like alot of endload. I used the Juice a little this weekend and did'nt like it at all.
    is your Demarini the ONe bat more balanced than your Juggy? Looking into a Juggy or OTC. I have a J2 i love but i want just a slight less flex .LMK
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