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  1. bigmac25

    Official Glove Ho Thread Part Duece

    I feel like this is the quintessential early 90s pattern!! Very nice mitt!!
  2. bigmac25

    Official Glove Ho Thread Part Duece

    Yep, and very much worth it imo. This is nicer than past customs ive ordered and much better leather. My 1st cmhc was a usa all tan, from eastbays final score back in the day. Ironically it ended up getting comped bc they sent the wrong glove 3x prior to the correct one showing up. I remember...
  3. bigmac25

    Official Glove Ho Thread Part Duece

    Its been a while since i got to add to this thread, but im too inlove w this thing not to share it. Ive been reading to keep updated, but nothing new has really caught my eye so, for me, things have been pretty stagnant as far as gloves go...until this. Ive owned just about every version of the...
  4. bigmac25

    I definitely Have a Problem...comment

    I hope it makes you feel good though to know ur tbcmhc is still well loved and an every day gamer!!
  5. bigmac25

    I definitely Have a Problem...comment

    I did this once with an slcs 1b mitt. Very mixed feelings as when it came back it was a far cry from what it once was and my feelings were mixed as a result. That said, ive otherwise had a 'been there done that' attitude and once i part woth something i generally as a rule reacquire something...
  6. bigmac25


    Really? What a time to be alive. I dont remember that ever being an option, but it must have been a long time ago. Im suprosed we dont see more used customs in the wild w that web. Years ago i had to have vinci make me a rv web for a custom 200. Its cool, just didnt hold up nearly was well as...
  7. bigmac25


    Not that anyone needs more color opinions but incase someone in the future is looking for reference -I ordered a creme, navy, and red 1b mitt a couple seasons ago. Looked just like the expos. It was to see if things had gotten better since the AP5 turned pink. After 1 season of 30 games we...
  8. bigmac25

    For Sale Happy 2019 The PRO207-TI is here!!

    Of course lol haha i found it funny. Pretty good thanks, just busy. Glad to see all os well!!
  9. bigmac25

    What is the best method to add a palm pad?

    Order a custom w palm pad;) Sorry, i cldnt resist
  10. bigmac25

    Why are there no 12 inch wing tips?

    Gotta love the USA and early philly 12 inch XTC. In a word, YUM
  11. bigmac25

    Slam D 2018

    Gotcha. Ryan had addressed it a few times, but i never understood if it was the pattern or the web that they were being careful of. I guess i figured it was both to a degree bc for a bit it was rather trendy on 44s and trendy things seem to be exploited. I also dont want to put words in jays...
  12. bigmac25

    Slam D 2018

    Super cool!! Im curious though in that jay mentioned this d2 web was an all new shrunken and thinned modified web for a small glove. Will this the original rv web then? Or a re tinkered version for the sake of calling it a different web?
  13. bigmac25

    3 letter code on wilsons

    Its what i do bet mr kip;)
  14. bigmac25

    Some people just shouldn't..

    By that mathmatical lodgic, it should actually be cheaper due to less brain power being used. At the very least it equals out :/
  15. bigmac25

    Leather separating from welting on index of HOH! HELP??

    Seems like a job for - Super Rawlings (customer service)!!!! Ive never had an issue though, have they been easy to work w/? Or make ya jump through hoops?
  16. bigmac25

    Slam D 2018

    What feeling again?? Chasing the white elephant as it relates to baseball gloves type thing?
  17. bigmac25

    i will never...

    I was going to say .. that would be pretty ironic/funny if that Z was a top of the line cow in its day. I remember some teammates as a kid who had some pretty nice/expensive ones
  18. bigmac25

    Slam D 2018

    Thanks bud! It has, although the innings at 3rd are MUCH less than 1st. Ive tried not to use it as a shagging or catch glove. Prob kinda silly trying to prolong its life and most ppl may have just shelved it, but like the SD2- its a glove so i figure they are made to be used. Besides my...